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Stayloose - Just A Feeling Visualizer

Updated: Oct 7, 2022

I had an absolute blast making a realtime audio-reactive visualizer for my good friend StayLoose. All of the moving geometry in the visualizer is driven by audio data at 60fps.

Design process

I wanted to convey the futuristic elements of the track as well as pay respect to the thematic virtues of the tune.

I added 3 characters to the scene to represent the transient nature of the Self that is experiencing each feeling. These figures represent the past, present, and future.

The large crystal and the jagged lines that are running horizontally through-out are being generated by oscilloscope data. The data is turned into a particle system and the particles are interacting loosely with some physics that are defined by the presence of bass in the track.

The spherical "cage" that surrounds the center figure is also created via oscilloscope. Once the geometry is created its bounced around and reflected at itself within the constraints of the sphere. My intention here was to represent the cyclical processing of our feelings and experiences as they bounce off of each other endlessly.

Finally, I animated all of the introductory animations by hand using a midi controller. I felt like it gave the transitions a more organic feel. I am sure I could have drawn in all of the automation but I dunno.. It's just a feeling I had ::smirk::

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